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Do you have a book inside of you? A book as a business card is a unique out of the box marketing concept. Laptop Lyfe can easily create and brand a low to medium content Author Package for you as a way to offer a valuable, low cost, lead producing machine.

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    Vicki's Story

    Hi, I'm kind of a geek, I like to create things and I like to share what I create. I recently updated my 1st self published journal. I needed a complete new version, a more generic cover featuring the Title, less pages, there’s a specific reason why I now keep my low content journals around 108 pages.

    This new and revised edition has created a whole new book, a new version. Giving my book a whole new purpose, a new interior, showing off a few of the available “blank” page styles that I offer when creating custom journals for my clients.

    Back in August of 2018 Hippiedewdles became my very 1st self-published book, it took me 4 months to commit the time to learn the process. It only took a couple of hours to put my first version together once I sat down and followed directions. Now I'm helping others save time and money while easily getting started with their first low content publication.

    I did it! I self-published my 1st book which led to another, then another. I’ve used that notebook countless times for show and tell, now it's full of personal reflections and one of many that I offer, several as examples for my collection, growing along with my client list.

    This updated interior shown in the video above is an example of what I can create for you.

    Fast forward to now, I’m offering my clients and Joint Venture Partners an opportunity to create their own Dewdle Book and I offer this version as a lower cost example. With templates and tools in place, I find it takes the most time choosing my photos and figuring out what I want to say to y’all over on the back cover. I can now put a book together less than an hour, depending on how much content is already created. This makes updates easier and less costly for us both.

    I’ve come a long way baby! I’ve finally been bitten by this self-publishing authorship bug and when I find something I love to do, I like to share it with others. They say if you find something you love to do and find a way to get paid for it, you’ll never work another day in your life. I share more about these ideas and new marketing concepts on my Laptop Lyfe business page. I also offer a 5 Day Book Of Blank Pages Author Challenge in my Laptop Lyfers facebook group. Come inside, take a look, hit me up~

    Vicki Conley

    Road Tripper 🚗 Author 📚 Travel Boss 🏖 Entrepreneur 🙋🏻‍♀️ NFT Investor 🖼 Crypto Bull